Happiness is a Choice not a Compulsion


“Life is beautiful when Expectations are at Ease and Mind is at Peace”

Dr. Gazal Goyal

Yesterday the whole world celebrated International Happiness Day. It surprisingly astonished me and made me realize that Have we lost our happiness completely to the intricacies and complexities of life? Are we so devoid of happiness today that we need a particular day to celebrate it? Happiness is the most important ingredient of our life, without which our life is tasteless and meaningless

The simple fact is Happiness is eternal, limitless and priceless. Happiness is not restricted to a particular day, an occasion or an event. Nobody can make anybody happy if one does not want to. It is natural and comes from within.

Happiness does not require celebration of only bigger events or bigger victories in life. It can stem from small-small things as well. Celebrating quality time with the loved ones, humming a beautiful romantic song for someone you love, gifting a rose, a chocolate and even a balloon can lead to small bouts of happiness. The simple idea is happiness breeds happiness.

Happiness brings positivity in whatever you do. It drives you from within and can take you to the higher levels of ecstasy and harmony. It’s a fact that happy people are better decision makers and work better at workplaces.

Some Simple Ways to be happy:

1. Love yourself first. If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love anybody. Love yourself by defining the path which helps you in achieving your dreams. It will lead to ultimate source of happiness in life
2. Be Passionate. Doing something which you don’t love, becomes a source of great misery. Never intimate others and find your own source of Happiness.
3. Tie Happiness to your Dreams and Goal.
4. Never Give Up. Continuous and Consistent efforts always bear rich fruits of harvest.
5. Pick your Battles Wisely. Don’t dwell on the past but learn from your mistakes. Plan for the future but live a day at a time and make the World a Happier place to live in for your loved ones.
6. Look Beyond the Imperfections.Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.
7. Make Somebody Happy. This is the strongest feeling.
8. Think Beyond the Closed Doors. When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we don’t see the one which has been opened fo us. Trust the Almighty and have deep faith. Do your Karma and leave the rest.

“Practicing Mindfulness in all walks of life can lead to Abundant Happiness”


Dr. Gazal Goyal (Ph.D) is a Business Entrepreneur working on a Global E-Retailing Project which includes Tourism, Personality Development, Leadership Skills, Event Management. She can be reached at 7722045508 for further insights.


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  1. Wow mam!!! Beautifully explained the ways to be happy. Hats off…


    1. Thanks Rajaneesh for your kind words!!!


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